Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wow...what can happen in a year!!!

The BoM link!! Oh Elder Sneed how clever you are :)

Being picked up at the MTC :(

Attempting to strap my shoe on...not working so well haha

Walking in the dirt in high heels does NOT work...but this did :)

Well...time has definitely passed and my life has, in that time, flipped upside down, inside out and all around. Thank goodness I'm not in charge of my life :) But in with the hard times have been the most important lessons I have ever learned in my life. I learned how to be a best friend. I experienced what it is like to truly, deeply love someone. Not only what it was like for me to feel love for someone else, but to also be loved back.I learned how to recognize and act upon the promptings of the matter how hard or terrifying it might be. I once heard that... "Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear." (yes I heard that on the movie Princess Diaries".) I am still learning that one, but Heavenly Father in his infinite mercy has been holding my hand all the way. I've gotten to experience the joy of serving a mission, having my little black name tag with Sister Garner printed right above The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, I got to serve deaf and hearing people in American Sign Language and I got to have the most amazing companion in the entire world!! Then life got hectic once I got home. I changed schools, changed majors, changed cities, and got a new job. Crazy!!!! I did a semester at UVU (which I am just about done with. Two more days!!!) and I met so many wonderful people! My classes were amazing, I learned, I grew and I thought, once again, I was finally getting in the hang of things. WRONG! I am now moving home, transferring to...well either SLCC or DATC...I'm not sure there anymore either haha I might be working at convergys, or at sizzler, or at some other random job I decide to pick up :) I am dating the most wonderful man who truly has the most incredible testimony and is so much fun to be around! I truly am blessed in my life, yes everything is up in the air and I have so many options and choices to make...but that just proves to me even more how much Heavenly Father loves me and is preparing me for greater things! Below are some fun pictures from my mission and my last 10 months home. I loved all my companions, my district, and the districts we became friends with. What an incredible experience!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Wow...where to start. Maybe next time I decided to start a blog I will do something crazy like post things on it more often.

Wellllllll......since July I have had my world turned upside down, flipped inside out, and shooken profusely. Beginning of August I was an EFY counselor in Sacramento California

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cali...EFY....Can life get any better?

Wow what an incredible two weeks I have had! Last week I went to Cali for my cousnin's wedding and then this week EFY. I am on Cloud 9! Here are a couple highlights :)

From left to right is Courtney, my funny daddy making faces in the back, Aunt Dee and Uncle Dallas. We were in Old Sacramento and here we are waiting to go into Joe's Crab Shack for dinner. Yum!

My mom and my cute little brother wearing his styling new glasses.

Awww! I love my little brother

Aren't they so cute?! I love them :)

Once again...Daddy pulling faces haha

Sisters, hotties, Best Friends!

My Aunt Rochell and my cousin Melissa. We are STILL waiting for our food! But having fun

The beautiful Sacramento Temple on a GORGEOUS Friday morning!

Me and My sisters; Shauna and Sara. I love when all of us are together. It is just the best ever

We all got to come and go to the temple while we were her in Sacramento. It was way cool and we got to have our dad baptize us! It was a wonderful experience. We met a girl there who became our sister for the day while we were at the temple. Her name was Mariah and she was a convert that had just been baptized in February and this was only her second time doing baptisms. It was SO cool to meet her and talk with her.

I just could NOT get enough of this beautiful, sweet baby! This was the first time I had actually met my little niece since she was born 4 months ago! She was always so happy :) Awww i just love her!

For  my cousin's wedding we went to this little town called Murphy and it had this main street that was just lined with little boutique stores and fun little shops. This particular shop had about a hundred or so different hats. Needless to say, we had a blast with the different fun hats!

My cousin looked BEAUTIFUL and this daddy daughter dance was so tender and just precious.

Then it was the bridesmaid's dance with their "Date", but since my sister's husband wasn't able to make the trip my sister had her own daddy daughter dance. Cute!

Haha me and my daddy again! He just randomly came and sat on my lap.

Ok so here are my co-counselors, two of the best people ever! Brittany and Aaron. We had the best group and the best week ever, all of our kids called us mom and dad. The week flew by but we had so much fun and learned so SO much from each other. The last day our cute kids bought us this cake that said "we love you! Rachal, Arron and Brittni." It was SO funny because it was a couple of our boys that got the cake, and they knew that all three of us counselors spelled our names different, they just weren't really sure how to spell them haha it was Hilarious! But it made us ALMOST want to cry it was so thoughtful! Along witht he cake they had a big poster card that said We <3 Mom Squared & Dad! then on the inside they had all written us notes and signed it! It was the sweetest thing ever! So we cut it up and passed it out to all 43 of our kids. Best day ever :)

Here is our incredible group!

These were two of my favorite boys in my group. Wyatt on my left and Alec on my right are from Cali and they are cousins. I played football and ultimate frisbee at lunch and free time with them and just really loved these boys. They were solid, strong boys in the gospel and SO funny. They called me Mamma Bear all week! It was hilarious. Two incredible future missionaries right here though.

And here are my other two favorite sons :) Darien, on the right, is 6 foot 6 and the sweetest most humble, loving kid you will EVER meet. Mitch, on the left, is the same way and I knew if ever I needed anyone to do something I could always count on these two! They were the greatest and actually they were the ones that put the whole cake and card thing together for us counselors. It was great. Also, Mitch will be turning in his mission papers here in the next week or so and we were talking about how we could possibly be in the MTC together! Oh I just love my boys! They have the strongest testimonys and are just amazing people all around.

And here are my girls :) I had the funnest group of girls! They were spunky, sweet, loving, and strong. They all bonded so well and I seriously love every single one of them deeply and was so lucky and blessed to have them this week :)

Well that is my week. Another EFY week starts next week and I can't wait!